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What Type of Shooting do we do?

The club has permissions to shoot various bits of farm land and tidal area's throughout Anglesey. We have detailed maps available once you become a member and will be shown, either by a committee or existing member where those area's are and the boundaries. There are also downloadable maps to help identify the area's we can shoot.

How do I Start?

The best way to start is to contact the club via the contact page and someone will be in touch, The club prides itself for being a friendly bunch who will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We can also arrange a day ticket where you can shoot a morning/evening ort both flights to see if it's for you.

How do I Become a Member?

Use the "contact" page and arrange to come along, you can see the area's we have permission to shoot, maybe meet some of the members and then complete an application form. 


To arrange a visit, please use the email form on our Contact page. 

What Will it Cost?

When do you Shoot?

How Often do I Need to Shoot?

The Club's annual subscription for a senior/full member is £X (£X for under 18s). This is payable by the end of May to the  Club's treasurer. For our full membership fee's "click here" 

The wildfowling season is Sept 1st till Jan 31st with a caveat where if you shoot below HWM (High Water Mark) we can shoot until Feb 20th.

There is no formal requirement to shoot, although each season every member has to submit a "bag return" which identifies when, where and what was shot throughout the season; this is has to be done even you do no shooting for the entire season!

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